Camp Rules

Please be aware that these rules will be strictly enforced and non-compliance may lead to expulsion.
1. No pets allowed.
2. No fire-arms or any other weapons allowed.
3. No bachelor parties allowed.
4. No fireworks allowed.
5. No littering allowed – this includes cigarette butts.
6. Walk on designated paths only.
7. No motor biking, four wheelers or off roading allowed.
8. No launching of boats, rubber ducks or wet bikes allowed.
9. No loud music or excessive noise between 11PM and 9AM.
10. No illegal drugs allowed.
11. No removal / uprooting of, or damage to any fauna and flora allowed.
12. No fires allowed outside of designated braai areas.
13. No disturbance of animal or bird habitats, nesting or breeding areas.
14. No feeding of animals allowed.
15. Do not touch or pick up tortoises, chameleons or other wild life.
16. Only legally bought / caught crayfish (with proof of purchase or a valid permit) will be allowed on our premises.
17. Parking on designated areas only.
18. Only one vehicle allowed per cabin / camp site.
19. No caravans are allowed on our site.
20. Smoke in designated areas only.

21. It is your responsibility to clean up after yourself, both in the Kitchen and the ablutions. Failing to do so will result in a R200 fine.

Camp Rules (incorporating Cape Columbine Nature Reserve rules)

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